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            Enping City Hengsheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
                發布時間: 2018-03-14 11:55    

            Dual Channel Wireless Microphone


            ?系統功能特點 FUNCTIONAL FEATURES



                 UHF dual-channel series; 100 different frequency; Find the clean frequency automatically; Prevent whistling and strong anti-interference. Multiple sets can work together at the same time and same place without interference. The volume knob and LCD display are Illuminates green when signal from the transmitter is strong or red when signal is weak or not present. 100 meters in the long working range with stable performance. Suitable for karaoke Room, family party, conference room, church, wedding and school.





             ■載波頻率范圍:UHF 500~860MHz        


            靈敏度:在偏移度等于25KHz,輸入6dB V時, S/N>60dB






             ■供電:100-240V AC 50/60HZ,10W


            Receiver Specification

            Receiver Specification: EIA standard 1U

            Channel: Single Channel

            ■ Frequency Range: UHF 500~860MHz  

            ■ Response Frequency Range: 50Hz~12KHz±3dB

            Sensitivity: Frequency Deviation=25KHz, input 6dB V, S/N>60dB

            Frequency Width:32 MHz

            Maximum Deviation: ±45KHZ

            Frequency Stability: ±0.005%

            THD: <0.4%@1KHz

            Working Range: 100 meters( in open area)

            Power: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ,10W


            ■載波頻率范圍:UHF 500~860MHz       









            Transmitter Specification

            ■ Frequency Range: UHF 500~860MHz

            ■ Harmonic Radiation: <-63dBm

            ■ Frequency Width:32 MHz

            ■ Maximum Deviation: ±45KHZ

            ■ Capsule: Dynamic, Directional&Cardioid Microphone

            ■ RF Power Output: 8mW~20mW

            ■ Battery: AA*2

            ■ Current Consumption: 100mA(Typical)

            ■ Battery Life: About 10 Hours


            • MS-2300
            • MS-3300
            • MS-9001
            • MS-9500
            • MS-9800
            • MS-9600
            • MS-106V