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            Enping City Hengsheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
            2018年NAMM Show
            來源: | 作者:pmta1aaa8 | 發布時間: 2018-04-11 | 2706 次瀏覽 | 分享到:

            2018年NAMM Show將于123日至29日位于位于美國阿納海姆舉行,我司展位為E館1931B. 公司將推出多款無線麥克風和無線監聽系統新產品,歡迎各位蒞臨指導!

             We Micmas hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at Hall E,1931B from January 23-28th, 2018 as the NAMM Show is coming. We constantly update models and develop new products, providing every customer superior quality products at competitive price. If available, I think it will be a good opportunity to communicate with you face to face